How to Write an Argumentative Essay on Cheating?

The examination features a crucial role in evaluating the knowledge of the student on things they have learned in a certain period of time e.g. year, semester, term. Students treat exams being the only platform they might demonstrate their academic abilities. This view makes students want to excel in the examination the best they can. The thought of excelling in studies forces some students to be always in the library, in particular, when the exams are about to happen. Some students might wait to shine with crooked means such as exam cheating.

In institutions of higher levels, cheating has always been since the time the schools were introduced. Students tend to cheat because of different reasons. The first reason is unpreparedness. Some students are not aware of what to expect in such institutions and are unprepared. Secondly, it is poor time management. Some students are not aware of time management at all. They are not aware of when to begin proper preparations for their exams. Cheating features various definitions in different learning institutions it depends on teachers, also. For instance, some teachers and some schools let open books, group cooperation in homework. Cheating features disadvantages and advantages to the students.

Some students view cheating being a simple way to pass various papers. Since the examination is to assess the individual’s academic potential, some students might eager to do everything they can to pass every and each exam. Although they might have cheated, they would gain, at least, some knowledge about the course. This might be seen as learning through in an improper way. With proper grades from cheating, students raise their academic accomplishments.

The joy of getting an academic qualification and passing without studying might push a student to learn something of what they cheated on. In institutions in which group discussions are available in homework or exams, the students might learn the cooperation with others’ art. Cooperation might be relevant to students after school. Some students are cheating in order to compete for a few excellent resources that we have around. A student might cheat in order to get admission in the best colleges. Once at the best colleges a student might now excel and study academically. In some cases, cheating assists the learner in having a mind in the way of what was to be learned. It results in partial learning. No doubt, cheating makes a student learn.

The repercussions of cheating are rather difficult to bear. Cheating reduces academic achievements’ quality. Cheating makes students lose trust in the proper value of higher education. The mission of universities or colleges is to train the upright individual ethically. However, with cheating this target is perverted. People will begin to view students being morally decayed and loose respect for colleges eventually. Cheating cultivates improper influence on intelligent academic students. They begin to see learning being a temporary acquisition of facts. The best students will not find anything good in academics. This might be dangerous because students would never think of tackling issues that affect society but pass their exams.

Besides, if a student cheats, they may not know what they can explain. Hence, cheating might result in an improper graduate and education quality. The future society is depending on the current student. Thus, the quality should be upheld.

Cheating is terrible, but school administrators might do a lot to curb the menace. Exams should not be utilized solely to judge academic progress. In test rooms, the tutors might set exams that do not promote cheating like papers. School administrators should reduce rules treating tests being the only qualifications way in the academic field. It will, for sure, assist in preventing fraud.


All things considered, there are two sides to cheating. On the one hand, with cheating, a student might learn, at least, something from the subject. However, on the other hand, a student that cheats can not be called an ethical one. Therefore, it is difficult to judge whether cheating is good or bad. Some students benefit from it and get their diplomas, learning just a little about the subject while others try hard and do their best not to ignore and to obey the rules of the higher institutions. However, despite these facts, cheating was, is, and will be always present in every institution, no matter how bad the tutors will fight with it. In some form, cheating is a kind of creative work so it has to be present to some extent.

In the modern world today, in each of high schools, cheating might take place. No matter how hard teachers fight academic dishonesty, students still will cheat in schools.

What should I do if I do not want to cheat but want a good grade?

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