The 10 Best Paid Plagiarism Checkers to Benefit from Them

If you want to master your writing skills, you should try not to copy the works of other people. Actually, plagiarism means stealing the works of someone else and utilizing them as your own product. It might be unintentional and intentional. However, in any case, it is a fraud. To make sure that your content is original you might benefit from the plagiarism checkers that are available now on the Internet. Check out the list of top 10 best-paid plagiarism checker tools for your taste.

1. Copyleaks

This tool features both premium and free subscriptions. It is an ideal tool to check your content for plagiarism, it backs up various languages. If you create a free account, it will be possible for you to upload ten pages per month (more than 250 words). You might download a mobile application or utilize its web version. Besides, there are plugins for MS Office and Google Docs. You can use this tool for research purposes. therefore, it is one of the best checkers for bloggers, publishers, students, teachers, and other experts. Each time the text is uploaded to this platform, it is added to the database. However, this tool is less accurate if compared to other plagiarism checkers.

Enjoy these features with this tool:

  • Compare any 2 files for the text similarity.
  • Scan various file types like DOC, DOCX, PDF, HTML, TXT.
  • Identify text translated into various languages.
  • Use offline mode in order to find duplicate files.
  • Stores your information in the cloud but do not expose it.
  • Download reports with the plagiarism detection results.
  • Scan the text on your smartphone utilizing OCR technology.
  • Integrate with Microsoft Word & Google Docs.

2. Quetext

This tool is considered to be the best plagiarism checker software for 2 million + teachers, students, and experts worldwide. Nevertheless, you can benefit from its free services for only 3 checking sessions (it might be up to 500 words per checking session when you submit to it). The price of the monthly subscription is less pricey if compared to other platforms – it is $10. You may also utilize other extra features such as a Citation Assistant and checking of PDF files. All the documents checked will not be added to its database.

3. Prepostseo

This online plagiarism checker is free but there are also premium plans. This program lets checking the originality of 1000 words per session. You might upload doc or type in the program’s interface. This checker is available in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Polish, German, Czech, Dutch, and Swedish. You may also take advantage of such features as Reverse Image Search, Grammar checker, Word counter, and 95+ other tools. You may order premium plans from $10 to $45 per month for a bigger word limit and a deeper search.

4. Scribbr

If it comes to research papers, this checker is one of the best. It features an extensive database with a lot of papers and essays. This tool claims to have the most proficient plagiarism detection software which is utilized by the vast majority of universities worldwide. Practically, this checker features a very high plagiarism detection rate. It demonstrates all the sources that are matched with your text. Meaning, you will add a citation easily. It supports twenty languages (Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and European languages). You should pay for every doc separately.There are 3 options available:

  • Small doc for € 14,95 Up to 7,500 words
  • Normal doc for € 24,95 7,500 up to 50,000 words
  • Large doc for € 34,95 50,000+ words

What is more, you might use editing and proofreading services. You will have to upload the document and mention the deadline. So the team of editors will assist you in mastering your text and prevent the imperfections and a lack of clarity. The average rate begins at € 0.011 per one word. It depends on the work’s complexity.

Additionally, you might use the APA Citation Generator which is free. It is beneficial for flawlessly citing sources which is difficult to do manually. You will type if the important data about the source you have utilized, and the tool is supposed to present it in the right format. However, you will need to sign in to save the reference list. Also, the tool features a base with writing tips, grammar rules, instructions for utilizing various academic styles, and more.

5. Plagramme

Plagramme features both paid and free subscriptions

This tool features both paid and free subscriptions. It suits businessmen, teachers, and students in need to deliver high-quality content. It backs up 18 languages. The tool is compatible with Mac/Linux/Windows/Ubuntu. It assesses texts due to multiple scoring systems like plagiarism risk, similarity score, bad citations, and more.

Using a free version, you will be able to check texts for plagiarism despite the word number and read the report offline and online in the PDF format.

However, you will still need to sign up. The plagiarism report of a paid subscription is more detailed. You may access other features and compare texts. Pay for every doc to unlock it, starting with $0.35 per page. Nevertheless, you might get access to premium options free of charge if you share this website on the social media page.

6. PaperRater

This tool features both commercial and free subscriptions. It includes various features such as grammar & spell check, vocabulary builder, plagiarism detection, writing suggestions, and more. Despite the fact you might check your content free of charge, you are limited to ten checks only. However, with a paid subscription, you will be able to work on readability, upload longer docs, and there will be no advertisements.

What is more, all the docs that are checked on the platform will not be kept in the database. However, the program might be lower in the accuracy if compared to other checkers. For $7.95, you will get access to the services for a month.

7. Plagiarisma

This checker is very beneficial because it backs up almost 200 various languages. You might use the article rewriter, check grammar, Google Scholar & Google Books advanced searches. It is compatible with most tools and available in variable formats. You might select between a paid and free subscription. With a paid version, there are no limitations. With a free account, you will be able to do 3 checks for plagiarism per day.

8. Copyscape

This tool is very beneficial for checking of your plagiarized versions. It will definitely define if your text features any plagiarism problems. The only issue is that with its free version it works only with URLs so your text should be published before you will be able to check for plagiarism in it.

It works with almost every language except for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. There is a pay as you go pricing model which lets you pay for only features you need. Hence, you pre-pay $20, then you might utilize the plagiarism checker as much as you want. The app is user-friendly. With the paid version, you might upload offline content. However, no way you will be able to save your reports. You might get access to this app only via a laptop or desktop. There is no support for Microsoft Word, browsers, or mobile provided.

9. Grammarly

This tool needs no guidance. It is perfect for academic writing, personal projects, and work. Nevertheless, very few people are aware of the fact that it verifies more than 16 billion web pages. However, this feature is available for only Grammarly Premium users. With it, you may utilize comprehensive plagiarism detection software. Take advantage of automatically checks your grammar for mistakes. Also, you might set the audience, domain, formality, tone, and intent targets. Besides, you may get tailored writing suggestions depending on your targets. With Grammarly Premium, you might see clarity, engagement, correctness, and delivery alerts. Get readability & vocabulary enhancement suggestions. Enjoy in-depth spellchecker & writing recommendations. Generate a custom dictionary that is associated with your account. Use the native application for PC & Mac with Grammarly Premium.

10. WhiteSmoke

With this program, you might check the doc for plagiarism on almost every single device. There are many other writing-related features to assist you in becoming a better writer and with cross-reference sources. The grammar checker is very accurate. There are many various additional resources such as video tutorials to show how to master your writing. The tool backs up 55 languages. It will generate a detailed report on things that are looking good and things that need to be improved. However, the app is restricted to 10,000 characters only which is rather low. Also, customer support is rather slow if it comes to getting back. Besides, a big minus is that there are no free options available here.

There are many plagiarism checking tools to help every writer detect plagiarism in copied content. No matter what your software tool is, you might select the best plagiarism detectors to avoid plagiarism and check your document. There is also a premium version that you might find in search engine and download then plagiarism software. However, to avoid duplicated content, you should try hard. It is not quite clear and sure that a free plagiarism checker will help you definitely. Sometimes a free trial is not worth taking. To have original content, you might buy the plagiarism detection tool.

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