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If you are studying and faced with the need to write an essay, you probably have several options. One of them is to buy a paper written from scratch. Many writing companies today offer such a service. is a new website that offers a wide range of writing services. You can order copywriting, proofreading, editing, preparation of papers for admission to the magistracy or scholarships.

The truth is, not all writing companies work honestly. There are a lot of scammers on the market these days. They try to attract a large number of gullible students, and then disappear or provide poor quality papers.

We offer you an informative overview of the Boom essays service with the most important information. Read on to find out what advantages and disadvantages it has. Here you will find answers to all your questions. We hope we can help you understand if you should trust this website.

After reading and analyzing our review, you will choose the best essay writing service!

PRICE FROM: $12.99
PAYMENT METHODS: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Wire transfer, PayPal
DEADLINE: 3 hours-14 days
FREE SERVICES: Limitless amendments, bibliography, outline, title page, formatting, plagiarism report

Types of Services

If you want to place an order on this website, you can use one of the following writing services:

  • essay
  • research paper
  • dissertation
  • thesis
  • admission essay
  • copywriting
  • resume
  • math\science academic tasks

This list may be sufficient for a large number of students. But this information is not enough to understand what types of essays they work with.

Can they prepare a paper for you on a highly specialized legal topic? Can they do real research? You need to clarify this information with client managers and it will take you a lot of time.

Rating: 7

Pricing System and Discounts

BoomEssays offers a simple pricing system that is based on some criteria. At first glance, they have affordable prices.

However, they don’t. Their pricing policy depends on 3 main criteria:

  1. academic level
  2. paper volume
  3. deadline

The cheapest BoomEssays’ offer is $12.99. It may seem attractive.

boomessays Pricing System 1

boomessays Pricing System 2

But only until the moment when you realize that this is the cost of one page of the paper for high school. This means that if you order an essay for the university for 5 pages, it will cost you $90. The deadline for this is 14 days. If you are in a hurry and you need to deliver an essay within 24 hours, your paper will cost from $150.

$13 really sounds cheap. But the final price is significantly different from this amount! Do you know a lot of students who can afford to order a paper from $ 150? The prices are really very high.

Of course, they offer discounts of 5 to 15%. It depends on the number of pages ordered. If you order 15 pages, you will get a 5% discount. To get a maximum 15% discount you need to order 100 pages.

And the price still too much for the common student.

Rating: 4


During the preparation of this article, we found that not every BoomEssays review is positive. Of course, there are customers who are completely satisfied with the quality of their orders. On the other hand, there are a large number of negative reviews. And this is not only about the quality of customer service.

Some customers report plagiarism as well as bad quality paper. They write that their authors were not native English speakers (ENL). Some papers contain errors that are impossible for true experts. This indicates that BoomEssays hires random authors without a thorough selection and skills testing.

Rating: 5


The company claims that if you are not satisfied with your order, they provide you with a money-back guarantee. That means you can request a partial or full refund during 5 days after delivery.

You can also request free changes within two weeks after you receive your essay.

Legislation obliges writing services to provide such guarantees, as well as the reliable protection of personal information. But the reality is different. You will wait a long time for an answer from customer support and your 5 days will simply pass. Or they will make changes, but only partially.

This means that you cannot feel confident ordering here. They promise a free report on the absence of plagiarism, but you can read some reviews that claim the low uniqueness of papers.

Rating: 6

Customer Support

They offer round-the-clock online support in the form of a chat with a manager or a phone call.

The customer service managers respond really quickly and help you find the information you need on the website or make an essay order. They offer you links where you can access more detailed information. Client managers are also ready to convey your message to the author if you have new ideas about paper.

But if it comes to real help, such as returning money, they do not seek to solve your problems. They will simply ignore you or repeat the same thing.

Rating: 7

Online Reputation

This is the aspect that is most suspicious.

If you open the reviews section on the website of the writing company, you will see that they are all positive. They only post 4-5 star reviews praising this company and the quality of its services.

In fact, all these reviews are fake. If you type “BoomeEsays review” in the Google search bar, you will find different websites with honest testimonials. Many of them are completely not positive.

Clients write about negative experiences, leave their complaints and complaints. And the company does not respond to these comments in any way, ignoring them. Accusations of plagiarism and hiring authors from Kenia sound loud enough to leave them without any reaction.

Rating: 7


  • Nice website
  • Low starting price
  • Work during KOVID-19
  • Discounts for regular customers
  • Additional free services
  • Different payment methods
  • Blog with informative articles
  • Fast customer support


  • The lack of student services
  • Too high prices
  • Poor quality papers
  • The presence of plagiarism
  • Non-English Writers
  • Fake reviews
  • Lack of clear guarantees

Therefore, we cannot unambiguously recommend this service. Of course, it has its advantages. We did not find reviews where customers report 100% fraud. They send papers and even adhere to deadlines in most cases.

But most likely their main goal is to earn money, so they can not offer you a really high-quality service. If you have a choice, we recommend that you order an essay elsewhere.

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  1. Can’t say I’m happy because of my paper. This is not the worst result, but it just does not live up to my expectations. My essay contained some errors. Fortunately, I had some time to edit them. But I feel that my time and money have been wasted

  2. I received my paper without any delay. Its quality is quite acceptable, but my fellow students could provide the same result. If I order an essay and pay money for it, I want A-class paper delivered to me.

  3. If you want to order your essay from boom essays, think a few times. I can share not only my experience but also feedback from my friends. Some of us got really amazing paper, but the rest are unhappy. Perhaps it depends on your writer. Some of them may be other professionals, but others cannot guarantee you an amazing result.

  4. never again i am going to use this website!
    they ignored 60% of my initial instructions! if i could write the essay myself i would not order the essay from you, guys, then. unfortunately, you did not understand me properly and the essay you wrote was full of errors. no way i’ll recommend it to my friends!

  5. These guys really helped me out. I thought of dropping out of college but decided to just order a few papers online to fix the situation. Of course, these are not literary masterpieces, but their essays turned out to be quite enough to improve my academic performance.

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